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Karen F  Cornwell - Founder

Karen Cornwell is well-versed in tech. She has lived it, learned from it, and wants to change the tide for the next generation of technology aficionados. She has a BS and MS in Engineering and an MBA from Santa Clara University. All this coupled with more than two decades of navigating in the rough and tumble world of tech propel her on her lifelong quest to improve innovation and drive top-line growth for Technology Companies.

With experience in Product Management, Marketing, Engineering, Sales, Account Management and Business Development with several Silicon Valley Companies, Karen is uniquely qualified to pilot companies to significantly higher performance levels. Karen has founded two companies. ConsultCornwell drives innovation and revenue generation by creating a strategic customer-centric product vision with a team, then guides the team to create the tools needed to secure clients. AttunoVation drives innovation by changing the company from the inside out. It allows leaders to understand and leverage diversity while engaging, energizing and empowering employees to excel. When Karen isn’t consulting to drive innovation, you can find her speaking on stage.

In her typical entrepreneurial spirit, Karen has teamed up with New Degree Press to publish her first book, You Can’t Fix What You Can’t See: An Eye-Opening Toolkit to Cultivate Gender Harmony in Business. In it, she reaches across the gender divide to shed light on how people process information differently, allowing readers to leverage diversity to enhance innovation and creativity while boosting engagement and overall company performance.

                                                                                 Click the book to head over to that website.

Abha Singhvi - Consultant & Executive Coach


Ms. Singhvi is a Life and Organizational coach and a business consultant bringing her experience from founding two successful businesses. She is currently an adjunct professor at Santa Clara University.


She was co-founder and VP of Finance and Administration at Paperfly where she managed HR, Finance, Legal, Operations and Administration. As founder and CEO of Stratascape, she was responsible for all aspects of the business and eventually sold the company to TMP Worldwide (now Her experience includes coaching, sales, and recruiting as well as management and consulting.


Ms. Singhvi has been a supporter and has worked with non-profit organizations throughout her career. She is Co-founder of GWLN (Global Women Leadership Network), A board member at Maitri, an organization that supports South Asian women facing Domestic Violence issues; Arati for Girls, an India based women’s empowerment organization that focuses on the issue of female gendercide; and Bay Area Video Coalition, San Francisco based organization that inspires social change by empowering media makers to develop and share diverse stories through art, education and technology.


She is passionate about working with founders and executive teams of startups and small businesses.

She completed her MBA in 1990 from Sacred Heart University , Fairfield , CT and her certifications in Life and Organizational coaching in 2004 from JFK University , Pleasant Hill , CA .

Frank Del Fiugo - Consultant & Executive Coach

Frank Del Fiugo is the founder of Del Fiugo Consulting, an executive coaching firm that helps today's leaders acquire a psychological understanding of individuals to help drive organizational and personal performance. Mr. Del Fiugo has decades of experience working with emotionally charged situations, addressing and resolving personal and professional conflict, resolving peer disputes, addressing communication deficiencies, and fostering leadership development. He works with public and private companies in Silicon Valley, southern California, and nationally.

Mr. Del Fiugo is a professional speaker and provides training on leadership, stress management, dealing with difficult people, and high impact communication. He is also the author of a book focused upon aggression and anger management. He earned his B.A. in Psychology from the University of Southern California, and his Master's degree in Psychology from JFK University.

Tanya Monsef-Bunger - Consultant & Executive Coach

Tanya Monsef-Bunger is a global business consultant and executive coach. She has 25+ years of success in Silicon Valley high tech, startup, and non-profit organizations in the areas of finance, marketing, and strategy; as well she has coached and delivered programs with leaders from 40+ countries.

Ms. Monsef-Bunger designs leadership training, leads workshops, provides one-on-one coaching, and facilitates conversations to clients around the world. She speaks globally about the power of leading from authenticity as a way to create harmony in the workplace. An adjunct professor at Santa Clara University (SCU), Ms. Monsef-Bunger is active in global leadership projects: chair of board for Global Women's Leadership Network, co-founder of SF Turkish Women's International Network chapter, advisor for Turkish Women's Initiative, and program director of the Global Fellows program at SCU.

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