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Our Approach

Every company is different …just as every person is different.  At Attunovation, we believe the approach for each company must be unique and designed based on your culture, goals, and timeline.  There are some fundamental building blocks from which we design a program to meet your needs:

Uniqueness is all around us, the trick is to leverage our differences for the greater benefit

Building Blocks


Keynotes & Events

Keynotes to stimulate your organization are available encompassing a variety of topics e.g., Leveraging Gender Differences, Innovation, Finding Your  Power, Three Secret Ingredients for Work, How'd You Decide that?, Your Calling, Intuition, ... Your keynote will be handcrafted to meet the needs of your event.



Designed to meet the needs of the teams attending.  These workshops are first used to build awareness of our own lenses, then move further to understand others’ lenses.  In the process we create a language to allow everyone to talk about our differences in a way that maximizes understanding while making space for deeper understanding and insights.  When these deeper conversations take place you are now in a position to capture the value of the differences and can leverage this understanding to improve innovation, market growth, engagement, and productivity.  A huge benefit is that everyone now understands and feels heard and valued.  As a result employee engagement shoots up and retention issues rapidly fade. 


Strategy Development

Each company has its own culture, challenges, and opportunities.  Our team will guide yours through the process of putting together your strategy to reach your goals.  Whether you want to focus in on specific areas, like your innovation pipeline and process, or take a higher-level view; our team can design the steps you need to take.


Changing behavior is hard.  Anyone who has tried to lose weight or break a bad habit knows this.  Now we are focusing on altering behavior that results from people interacting together both individually and in teams. Let’s not forget that most of these interactions are not new.  There is already some past history established and perhaps some ruts in the road that will need to be overcome.  When facing these hurdles, it is frequently very difficult for people to see clearly by themselves.  This is why we use Coaching as part of the process.  A variety of Coaching is involved including group coaching, one-on-one coaching, and the development of a set of internal coaches (your employees) to keep the process moving forward and sustain the momentum while people are embracing new behaviors.

Executive Sessions

Grand Tetons - 2018 - IMG_5545.jpg

There are a variety of assessments that can be used to understand the current status of your organization.  We also recognize that you may already have some of your own organizational data and we can get started with this data to design your program. 

We get it, the Executive Team is busy. We can schedule their sessions as extensions of existing meetings, executive retreats, or individual sessions.

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